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Joanna Stanecka comes from Lodz (Poland). She studied acting at the National High School of Film, TV and Theatre in Lodz and finished with a Master` s degree of art.

While studying her first favorite acting experiences were cabaret and music shows with the participation of a real orchestra. She participated in shows at the Ochota Theatre (Warsaw) and in jazz clubs in Lodz.

Also during her studies she performed a monolog, “Stranger“ based on the novel by Maria Kuncewiczowa of the same title.

She played this solo piece at the Studio Theatre in Warsaw and for this performance she was awarded as the best young actress at the Solo Theatre Festival in Thorn (Toruń).

Because of this success, she was engaged at the Rozmaitosci Theatre in Warsaw, at that time one of the most interesting modern stages in the capital.

Among other roles, she played Adela in “Szał lowienia motyli”, written by Bruno Schulz and directed by Wojciech Maryański, Myra in “Zestaw podróżny do śmierci“ (“Death Kit“) written by Susan Sontag and directed by Adam Sroka as well as Chimena in “Cyd“, written by Pierre Corneille and directed by Tomasz Konieczny.

Then she moved to Germany because of personal reasons.

The next stage in her career was the English Theatre in Dresden and taking part in the per­formance of  “Hay fever“ by Noel Coward.

At the City Theatre in Lübeck (Germany) she starred in “Ein freudige Ereignis“ written by Sławomir  Mrożek and directed by Łukasz Witt-Michałowski.

She decided to have a few years break to look after her children. This time was rich in other very valuable experiences like traveling all over the world and watching performances as a spectator. In addition, watching and analyzing the work of the greatest directors like Michael Sturminger, Sven-Eric Bechtolf or Otto Schenka, listening to the greatest world singers like Anna Netrebko, Tomasz Konieczny, Jonas Kaufman or Piotr Beczała and observing the acting of the stars like John Malkovich or Whoopi Golberg live on stage were unforgettable moments in her life. Moreover taking part in the rehearsals for the Salzburger Festspiele or watching Kabuki Theatre performances in Tokyo have been very rewarding experiences which have inspired her imagination until today.

 She took part in many international pro­jects, among others “Kortländer Saga“ directed by Fabian Lettow,  "Interplanetarekonfe­renz“ directed by Vorschlaghammer, the Monolog "My farm" and guest performance during United Solo Festival in NYC in the middle of Broadway life and "The foreigner" (directed by Iwony Jera) in Polisch Culture Institute.

Her last film experience was “Hochzeitpolka“ directed by Lars Jessen.


She is married to Tomasz Konieczny (bass/bass baritone) and mother of three sons, Juliusz, Antoni and Mateusz.